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KC Clay Guild hosts three Artists in Residence.  The Artists in Residence are provided with studios, materials, and a monthly stipend.  In exchange, the Artists in Residence provide new prospectives to the KCCG community in addition to serving 12 hours per week in the studio.

Artist in Residence applications are due April 15, 2023.

Click here to download a copy of the AIR Handbook and Application (PDF)

Current Artists in Residence:  

Frank Thong (he/him)

Frank Thong was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and earned a BFA in Ceramics, a minor in Arts Entrepreneurship with and Asian Studies certificate from the Kansas City Art Institute.  Currently, he is artist in resident at both the KC Clay Guild and Charlotte Street Foundation and has previously been an artist in resident at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary.  He has received various grants such as the McKeown Special Project Award, Nathan and Thelma Notkin Ceramic Award, and the William Lee Scholarship.  Growing us as an Asian-American, Frank has always felt like an outlier among his peers.  His work focuses on the balance between Eastern and Western influences which is contextualized through his cultural identity.  Previously, Frank has conducted social gatherings to encourage the growth of the Asian community at the Kansas City Art Institute.  Frank further plans to utilize his experiences and education to create spaces for the local Asian-American community to share, connect, and create.

Nell Hull (they/them)

Nell Hull began working with clay in college and was drawn to its subtlety and versatility. Art, and clay in particular, gave them a new way of seeing the world and themselves in it. It was when physically creating that they realized they were also free to create within.  Their figurative sculptures focus on themes of living a double life as a nonbinary person and the dichotomy between experiencing the joy of self expression and the pushback caused by coming out in a world that isn’t welcoming.  

Nell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (2018) from Kansas State University and is a current Artist in Residence at KC Clay Guild. Alongside their studio practice, they teach hand-building and wheel throwing. 

Mike Cerv (he/him)

As an alumni of the Kansas City Art Institute in 2017 and MFA graduate from Louisiana State University in 2021, Mike Cerv maintains an educational and artistic practice both in studio and online. Alongside this, Cerv produces templates and tools to assist ceramic artists of all experience levels.

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