Applications will open 2/1 and close 2/22.

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2021 KCCG Spring Sale FAQs

(updated 3/6/21)

We are excited to be holding our annual KC Clay Guild Spring Sale!  This year we are making some adjustments in order to follow CDC guidelines and allow for social distancing.  Most setup will be the same, but we will be limiting the number of customers allowed to shop at one time.  The Holiday sale was very successful using these guidelines!

What are the sale dates?

Friday 4/23 5-9, Saturday 4/24 10-5, Sunday 4/25 11-3

What is the application fee?

$50 for members, $60 for non-members

 What is the opt-out fee?

You need to either work one shift at the sale OR you can pay an extra $60 opt-out fee in addition to your application fee.  For example if you are a guild member who chooses to opt-out, your fee would be $110.  If you are a non-member who chooses to work, your fee would be $60.

 What is the commission?

It is an 80/20 split.  The guild takes a 20% commission of sales.

Is the show Juried?

No, first come, first serve.  Applicants capped at 20

What type of work can be sold at the show?

Work sold must be 95% kiln fired ceramic.

How will the Postcards be designed?

CHANGE:  NO POSTCARDS IN  2021,  More social media and email marketing….

How will the show be marketed?

Emails, website, facebook, Instagram.  Artists must submit image(s) to  by 3/28

How will work be displayed?

Each artist will have ~20 square feet of display space.  If you need, KCCG will provide a table with table cloth for you, rest of setup is yours.  If you have your own display of ~20 square feet, you will need to provide us with the footprint (example 10 ft by 2 feet).  We will allocate a space for you.  Location of displays to be assigned by Spring Sale committee.

Is there a limit to how much work I can submit?

Whatever fits attractively in your space!  You can provide back stock either under your table or clearly labeled in the glaze room and volunteers will restock as needed.

How will work be labeled?

Each artist will be assigned a code.  We will provide an inventory sheet and pre-printed price labels for up to 80 pieces.  Additional labels can be requested if needed.  EVERY item must have an individual price label even small items like ornaments or jewelry.

When will work be set up?

CHANGE:  Artists will need to set up their own work at the guild between 6 PM Thursday 4/22 and 3PM Friday  4/23. All work must be labeled and inventory sheet provided at this time.  A sign up Genius will be provided to limit number of artists in guild setting up at one time.

What will I do during my volunteer shift?

We will need volunteers to prep the guild for setup on Thursday 4/22 moving wheels, cleaning, etc, work throughout the sale, stocking, logging sales, and wrapping and tearing down on  Sunday 4/25.

When will excess work need to be taken down?

CHANGE: Artists must complete their teardown by Sunday 4/25 at PM.  In order to limit the number of people in the guild, you will be assigned a 30 minute spot, either 3-3:30 or 3:30-4.  You must come yourself to get your work, or have someone else tear down for you.  The committee cannot tear down your work!

How will Guild be put back together?

CHANGE: After Artists are done tearing down their own work, we will have assigned work shifts to tear down in order to limit the number of people in the guild.  The AIRs will be there to help and direct the setup

Will sales tax be added?

No.  Each potter is responsible for his/her own sales tax accounting.

When will I be paid for my sales?

Accounting for sales will occur within 15 days of sale and checks will be available for pickup or can be mailed to your home address.

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